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How do I use a HELOC?  #shortvideo #shorts #heloc
How do I use a HELOC? #shortvideo #shorts #heloc
Everything you need to know about a HELOC in less than a min! Chat with David :
Building Wealth with Multiple Income Sources #shorts
Building Wealth with Multiple Income Sources #shorts
Build Wealth with Multiple Income Sources
Build Wealth with Multiple Income Sources
Take the How Much Do I Need To Retire? Quiz ⛱️ 💵 Getting Killed on Taxes? Download the Tax Reduction Checklist for 20 Tips You Can Use Right Now.
Want a simple, effective 401k portfolio?
Want a simple, effective 401k portfolio?
Here is an alternative to the morning target retirement date fund many participants choose. First off, you should 1. Consider your time horizon. Do you have a long time before you want to retire, or is it in the next 5-10 years 2. Choose an asset allocation. If you have over 10 yrs until retirement, you probably should be in stocks 100% If your time horizon is 5-10 years a balanced portfolio, say 70/30 3. Select investments for each asset class. Investments for each asset class * Stocks: Index funds or ETFs that track the S&P 500 or the total US stock market * Bonds: US treasury index or ETF, so you have stability and something that earns regardless of the markets * International stocks: Developed markets index fund or ETF * Alternative investments: Real estate investment trusts (REITs), commodity ETFs 4. Rebalance your portfolio regularly. You can set up auto rebalancing if your plan has this feature. I would highly recommend it #shortvideo #short #shorts

My name is David Dedman. I'm the financial advisor for medical sales professionals.

Money presents unique challenges for medical sales pros.

While few careers match the financial potential of medical sales, increased income, tax obligations, and professional demands can result in costly errors and feelings of falling behind. That's why I started my weekly videos - to help you regain control of your finances and build wealth with intention.

Here's what you can expect:

  • An original video video from me

  • Strategies on tax-reduction, investing, and financial planning

  • Creating an early exit strategy from medical sales

  • Utilize your equity comp and work benefits

  • Save strategically and use advanced investment strategies

Plus, when you subscribe you will receive a FREE Financial Assessment. You'll receive your results with a personalized video.

If you're looking for an advisor and want to see if I'm a good fit, book a meeting below.

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