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Medical sales rep


Age: 30

Position: Medical Sales Account Executive

Primary Goal: Get her financial house in order, start a financial plan, begin developing good habits with money

The Situation

Ashley is a young account executive with 7 years of experience. Her career is starting to take off in the medical device industry. As a result, her income is increasing significantly from her bonuses. She’s unsure how to best utilize her discretionary income. She’s contributing to her 401(k), and has saved money over the years in various accounts. Unfortunately, she has no idea what investments are best for her. One of her major goals is to buy an investment property to receive passive income. Ashley has done a great job with her finances. She owns a home and has kept debt to a minimum. She also keeps her monthly expenses fairly low.

The Approach

As her income continues to grow, Ashley wanted an expert to help her to best utilize her income to meet her financial goals. In addition, she wanted guidance on where to invest. Most importantly, her successful career demands a lot of her time so she doesn’t have time to do the necessary research.

The Results

Ashley was excited to get started working with her very first financial advisor. Someone who would understand her industry and career demands. Ashley’s comprehensive plan implemented the following:

  • Consolidation of multiple accounts established over the years for simplification

  • Gave direction for her 401(k) investments as to where to invest

  • Created a plan to automate the discretionary income from her bonuses 

  • Thorough review of workplace benefits and what to take advantage of

  • Established a cash reserve for emergencies

  • Created a dedicated account for current and future investment property purchases


Now Ashley has a clear picture of how much she needs to save for her future. She’s on track to save for retirement and purchase an investment property. The best part is she can concentrate on her career without worrying about money.

Note: These are hypothetical scenarios and do not involve any Pulse Wealth Management clients.

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